Glasses of light and dark beer on a pub background.

We love all things South of the River. Our beautiful area is filled with spectacular entertainment options including Valleyfair, Mystic Lake Casino, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Canterbury Park, and so much more! You know what else we are known for? Breweries! Nestled throughout the Minnesota River Valley are some of the state’s most unique and friendly breweries. Breweries are THE place to relax after a long day or join friends and family to enjoy a cold one and catch up. These are the reasons we created this passport, to give you a guide and reasons to venture out to explore all the incredible breweries south of the river, ones you may have yet to discover. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful beer options found along your journey. Cheers!

*Establishments may refuse to serve you if you are intoxicated or don’t show proper identification. Enjoy your beer in moderation while still having fun! Never drive while intoxicated. We and our participating breweries are not responsible for the safety, wellbeing, or property of passport holders, lost or stolen passports, or if the brewery is unable to continue participating in the program. 

Passports can be purchased at any of the participating breweries listed below. 

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