Farm Babies: A Springtime Tradition

There are many things Minnesotans can be excited about when the calendar turns to April. The snow is gone (most of the time), things are starting to green-up, the weather is getting warmer, and the annual Farm Babies exhibit returns to the Minnesota Zoo.

Farm Babies brings Minnesota farm life to the zoo by introducing children to the sights and sounds of spring birth on the farm. Children (adults too) can come and oh and ah over baby chicks, piglets, lambs, calves, goat kids, and bunnies.

There are some terrific interactive spots for children within the exhibit. The most interactive is the goat pen where children have the opportunity to brush, pet, and feed the young and adult goats. Kids also have the chance to see the baby goats conduct horseplay with each other.


Farm Babies runs through April 30.

Once done visiting Farm Babies, take in some of the newer attractions available near the Wells Fargo Farm. Open in 2016, the Hanifl Family Wild Woods is a 30,000-square-foot upland wooded area where kids can explore and connect with nature. This area also includes play areas like boulder climbs, mazes, slides, bridges, and more! It is definitely something the kids will enjoy.

Next to the Family Woods is the beautiful Conservation Carousel. The carousel features 56 animals from around the world, including wart hogs, flamingos, tiger, snow monkey, and more. My daughter’s personal favorite, and must ride each time we visit, is the flamingo. The ride is only $2 per ride for guests over 42”. Children under 42” get to ride free with a paid adult.

Once you start to make your way back to the main entrance of the Zoo, make sure you take the route which brings you to the Russia’s Grizzly Coast. On your way, stop and see the fun Prairie Dogs as they scurry in-and-out of their burrows. Past the Prairie Dogs, and before the Grizzly Coast, make sure to stop and see the beautiful Amur Tigers and Takin. The Grizzly Coast offers a great chance to see an Amur Leopard, Sea Otter, Wild Boar and, of course, the Brown Bears.

Once back at the main area of the zoo, make sure you don’t miss the ever amusing Snow Monkeys, take a tour through the amazing Tropics Trail, see the beautiful wildlife of the North on the Minnesota Trail, or the unique fish found in Discovery Bay!