Traveling to Shakopee? Here’s How You Can Maximize Your Savings

Like millions of Americans that spend the better part of their waking hours staring at an office clock, you are probably dreaming of a vacation. You are most likely dreaming of a luxurious getaway to a place so relaxing and friendly that you may just consider staying there for good. The only downside to this fantasy of yours is how you will be able to afford to take you and your family on such a wonderful, memory-filled trip. Vacations, especially ones where you pack up the whole family, have the ability to put a dent in your wallet. Well, look no further; here are 3 ways to maximize your savings on your trip to beautiful Shakopee, MN, from us here at Shakopee CVB.

Visit Local Gems

While it is no secret that Shakopee is one of the best MN vacation spots, take some time once you arrive in town to talk to the local people and see what areas they think are the best to visit. Sometimes the most beautiful and worthwhile nooks of town are the ones that only the local residents know about. Thinking about seeing a show? Skip the movie theater by your hotel and ask the owner of the little coffee shop down the street where some of the best entertainment can be found. Most times, the places sought out by local individuals are cheaper and have a better quality of entertainment that is sure to help you get your money’s worth and to create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. High-end show stopping attractions are fun, but sometimes it’s the little gems of a town, which Shakopee has plenty to offer, that really make for an amazing vacation.

Embrace Nature

Planned tours and events are great, but consider skipping those for a day and instead choose to visit one of Shakopee’s many hiking and nature trails. These little slices of magic in the woods allow for fun and learning for the whole family as you explore what our beautiful town has to offer. Make a game out of seeing who can spot the most frogs, or count the number of different species of birds that are chirping overhead. This experience will feel like a million bucks, yet cost you and your loved ones virtually nothing for what has the potential to be an all-day adventure.

Eat Unique

Big arcade restaurants sure seem like a fun way to round out a vacation, but can often leaving your wallet feeling empty. Instead of going to themed places to eat, do a little research and find restaurants that are unique to our area. Maybe even try visiting at least one local eatery per day; or, if you are really feeling adventurous, go for every single meal! Not only will you be investing in the economy of our wonderful city, but you will be exposing your whole family to a fun culture as well as downright delicious food that costs a fraction of chain restaurants you can find in any major airport. We bet that if you ask a local about the best places to eat, they are sure to give you a list that will leave you full and happy for weeks to come!

Traveling to one of the¬†best MN vacation spots¬†doesn’t have to break your budget. In fact, saving money by finding local hangouts, embracing the beautiful nature that we have to offer, and eating in one-of-a-kind restaurants can even help you save money when you come visit us here in Shakopee. So go ahead, pack up your family for a vacation that will leave you and your wallet smiling!