Discover the Best Top Secret Shakopee Hideaways

You’ve been marking the days off your calendar until your next vacation, and finally, the time has arrived for you to ditch work and take a week to relax and refuel away from all distractions and, most importantly, all alarm clocks. You are itching to get outside and to a campground that is just as peaceful as it is beautiful, but you are not quite sure where to start. Where is the best place to go? What should you expect for when you get there? Worry no more because we here at Shakopee CVB have the best top secret hideaways that anyone in need of a good camping trip are sure to fall in love with.

Cleary Lake Park Campground

If you are looking to have one of the best vacations in Minnesota, look no further than Cleary Lake Park Campground. This camp is the perfect piece of serenity for the hiker in you. Placed right in the heart of Cleary Lake Regional Park, these grounds are home to 15 walk-in sites. The location of these sites make it perfect for the person or family looking to be free of all technology and really reconnect with nature because of our no-electricity sites. In fact, since hikers must walk to reach these sites, only tents are allowed inside of this campground. We want you to say goodbye to all RV’s and trucks and say hello to the nighttime stars above. This is the perfect place to relax and hide away from daily stresses. Cleary Lake Park Campground serves as a home away from home for campers of all ages.

Dakotah Meadows Campground

If being completely cut off from technology isn’t really how you wish to spend your vacation, visit Dakotah Meadows Campground. RV- and trailer-friendly, this camp is located just a matter of minutes from Mystic Lake Casino. We believe that Dakotah Meadows Campground can make anyone happy thanks to the impressive surrounding nature, and the ability to take advantage of air conditioning and electronics. This campground is also the perfect piece of heaven for families because of the extensive, all-encompassing nature trails and hikes, while also being just a short trip away from city attractions like the Mall of America. Satisfy both your thirst for the outdoors and your daughter’s hunger for shopping by planning a trip to Dakotah Meadows Campground today.

Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area

If you are looking to spend time outdoors on your trip but don’t want to commit fully to a campsite, plan a visit to the Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area during your stay in Shakopee. Just a skip away from the Twin Cities, this area is home to the preservation of Minnesota River Valley, including a paved portion of the Minnesota Valley State Trail. Go for a hike and explore the beauty of this preserved land, or even take the whole family on a bike ride through the changing autumn leaves. This breathtaking array of nature gives you the benefit of camping, without having to give up your smartphone or hot shower at the end of the day.

Whether you want to take a trip that fully embraces nature for all its worth or would rather just visit for a short hike, these top secret Shakopee hideaways make for some of the best vacations in Minnesota. Say goodbye to all technology at Cleary Lake Park Campground, get the best of both worlds at Dakotah Meadows Campground, or even just take a short bike ride through Minnesota Valley State Recreation Area. Whichever you choose, we here at Shakopee CVB know that you will love the time spent in our beautiful town.