There Isn’t a Dull Moment in Minnesota—Here’s Why

Minnesota gets its name from the language of the Dakota Sioux. The state’s name comes from their word for “sky-tinted water.” The name refers to the sky’s reflection in the many lakes and rivers in Minnesota. In fact, many of the names in Minnesota get their names from various Native American languages.

Nestled way up high on the map, just beneath Canada, Minnesota is one of the great states in the union. They call it the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” and what’s implied in this name is intriguing enough to make a person want to see the place. We at Shakopee CVB would like to illustrate why there’s never a dull moment in Minnesota, suggest some wonderful areas to visit in MN, and tell you why Minnesota is such a wonderful place to be.

Well…Yes, the Lakes

With 10,000 lakes, fishing and water recreation enthusiasts are sure to find exactly what they are looking for in Minnesota. It would be fun to see how many of these lakes you can count or visit. Which brings up the question: Who was it, exactly, that counted all these lakes? And who came up with all 10,000 names? In any case, if you like lakes, this state has got them.

The Magical Snow of Minnesota

Speaking of lakes, Minnesota is famous for its ice fishing. In fact, Minnesota is quite a winter wonderland. Winter carnivals and festivals dot the landscape; cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, sledding, and ice skating are available everywhere in winter; and the opportunity to build a snowman is limitless.

The Food

In Minneapolis alone, eating can be more than delicious—it can be an adventure. As part of the Midwestern United States, Minnesota shares in a culinary heritage that has roots from the northern, central, and eastern parts of Europe. Their cuisine is also largely influenced by the food grown locally and regionally. In Minnesota, a Germanic influence is evident in the cuisine, and the love of “comfort food” can be tasted in the restaurants and many food events throughout the state.

A Midwestern Play Area

Some say that Shakopee in Minnesota is where the “Midwest comes to play.” If you are lucky enough to visit Shakopee, you might soon adopt it as your own vacation playground. Its location is perfect for accessing all the great entertainment and attractions in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. Shakopee is also home to the Upper Midwest’s biggest amusement park, ValleyFair, live horse racing at Canterbury Park, and gambling at Mystic Lake Casino. If you want to step into the past, you can attend the Minnesota Renaissance Festival or visit The Landing, a living history museum about life along the Minnesota River during the 1800s. If you are more interested in nature, the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is nearby. The Chanhassen Dinner Theater offers theater and dining enthusiasts exciting shows and great cuisine at one fun location.

We hope to see you here in Minnesota on your next vacation. We love Minnesota and know you’ll love it too and find many interesting areas to visit in MN. Also while you’re here, see if you can spot some of that Minnesota “sky-tinted water.”