Top 3 Vacation Activities in Minnesota that Everyone Should Visit

We obviously feel that the vacation activities in Minnesota are unsurpassed by those in any other region, and we are always excited to share them. An average of 28.6 million people visit our state every year, and we have plenty of fun for all of them. Although the list of interesting destinations is too long to view here, we have compiled 3 activities that you should be certain to experience before you leave.

Mall of America

In Bloomington, just 20 minutes from scenic Shakopee, you can do some serious shopping at the country’s largest mall. Browse more than 520 stores at your leisure, then stay for the other attractions. From the Nickelodeon Universe amusement park to the Lego Imagination Center, the kids will be kept busily occupied.

After the young ones have had their playtime, you can find something perfect for yourself. Eat at a new restaurant, get a makeover, or just relax in a giant movie theater. If you are up for more activity, you can even golf on our 18-hole course. Be sure to allot plenty of time for this destination.

Renaissance Festival 

Located 3 miles away from Shakopee, this attraction transports you to the 16th century for a unique adventure. Produced every weekend from August 22 through October 4, the Renaissance Festival offers you a chance to dress up and be transported to the past.

Some events take place on any day the festival runs. If you are hungry for a Renaissance meal or snack, you can always attend the Feast of Fantasy or the beer and bacon tastings. If a spectator sport is more your style, you may enjoy watching some jousting.

On the other hand, if you have more specific Renaissance interests, be sure to check out the themed weekends. Participate in the Highland Fling or Oktoberfest, or run a 5K in stylish tights.

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

This 14,000-acre park, located near the Renaissance Festival grounds, will be a slice of paradise for animal lovers. In particular, bird fans will be awed by the variety of beautiful fowl in the area. Visit during migration season for a natural aerial show. Guided tours and 13 miles of trails are available, giving this destination the final slot on our list of top 3 vacation activities in MN.